You may request a quotation directly via our website.

In order to process your request as smoothly and promptly as possible, we will need certain basic information about the event for which interpretation is required. Providing this information will save time and trouble for all concerned and will help avoid misunderstandings and errors. Therefore, when requesting a quotation, please include the following information, insofar as it is available:


  • Title and date(s) of the event, start and finish time (for each day, if applicable), locality, name and address of venue
  • Description of event, for example:
    • Technical or trade-specialist congress
    • International meeting of a branch of industry
    • Conference, meeting or EU-related event
    • Other type of international meeting
    • Debate, discussion, panel etc.
    • Scientific or technical lecture or lecture series
    • Television or film production
    • Promotion or marketing event
  • Number of participants (an important detail!)
  • Languages spoken and/or languages into which interpreting is requested
  • Conference equipment:
    • Is the venue equipped with conference technology suitable for interpreting?
    • Do you plan to rent the interpreting equipment directly?
    • (For events in Finland, we recommend Suomen Kongressitekniikka Oy, tel. +358 (0)9 455 1127, mail@kongressitekniikka.fi, www.kongressitekniikka.fi)

Would you prefer Sanas to organise the interpreting equipment on your behalf?

We look forward to processing your request!